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"In July of this year I purchased some vinyl windows from you for my daughter's house in Cleburne, TX. I had never used your windows before this as they are not available around home. I just got back home from Texas and installing those windows for her and I have to say your windows were of top quality. I was very pleased with the construction, operation and appearance. Outshines any vinyl window we get around home. I wish I could get your windows here! Thank you so much for a quality product. It's nice to see some Americans still care."
- Pat O'Neal, PORO Construction

"I have dealt with Don Young Co. for many years, Their outstanding products and service is the primary reason, Park Place Windows has grown year after year, our motto is the same, " The Customer deserves the Best and we're here to make that happen."

- Rob Weatherly, CEO, Park Place Windows, LLC

"My age and my lack of enthusiasm for maintenance was what sold me on your product. THEY LOOK GREAT, ARE BETTER INSULATED AND THEY HAVE SO LITTLE MAINTENANCE I COULDN'T SAY NO! I am totally pleased with my Don Young Company windows and intend to order out the next seven shortly after the holidays."
- Pam Buchler, Metairie, Louisiana

"We have purchased well over a million dollars worth of DYC windows over the years. Their quality and service are unmatched."
- Matt Hines, CEO, American Eagle Builders, Dallas

"Over the past ten years the service and quality from Don Young has proven to be superior to all the other window manufacturers I"ve dealt with."
- Lynn Nichols, President, First Exterior Designs, Irving

"The Don Young windows installed in our house not only improved the looks outside, but improved the comfort level inside our home."
- Mary Tatum, Homeowner, Balch Springs

"A very dependable company with unsurpassed quality of customer service after the sale."
- Ted Bennett, GM, Cardinal Construction, Albuquerque

"I never hesitate to recommend the Don Young Company. We are impressed with how they do business and feel comfortable sharing new products and ideas with their staff. They are among the best customers we deal with."
- Lee Kirby, Cardinal Corporation

"As a contractor who is building a business by providing the highest level of quality and service, Don Young Windows are the only way to go. They are the company with the best window and the best service."
- Scott Barr, President, Southwest Exteriors, San Antonio

"Steve in Lubbock has worked hard to make sure I get my orders delivered complete and on time. I am impressed with the Don Young Company."
- John Canyon, El Paso Glass

"We believe the Don Young replacement window to be the absolute best value on the market today. Our customers couldn"t be happier with the quality of the window and we couldn"t be happier with the service we receive from the people at DYC."
- Derek Baker, President, Texas Home and Commercial, Inc., Austin

"I have been doing business with DYC for fifteen years and feel that they stand up to any window on the market. I always feel comfortable selling and installing Don Young"s products, all because of their quality. I even put them into my own home. Their service and integrity are unmatched."
- Mike Wright, Owner, Advance Window Products, Houston

"Eastern Shore Glass Company has been in the replacement window business for many years, and has found Don Young Windows to stand out above the rest in terms of quality and service."
- Tracy Holobaugh, Eastern Shore Glass Company, Inc., Fairhope, Alabama

"Congratulations, Don Young, on your 25th Anniversary! As one of the first companies in Texas to upgrade to Swiggle Seal™ back in the eighties, DYC has been a steady, dependable contributor to our "warm edge success"
over the years. We look forward to the next twenty- five years promoting better insulating glass together."

- Dave Chickowski, Tru-Seal Technologies, Phoenix

"The Don Young Company has been a loyal customer for many years. They manufacture one of the best thermally-broken aluminum window lines in the region, using our Poly-Pour extrusions. We are proud of our relationship with the people at DYC."
- Ed Beachly, Extruders, Inc.

"My husband and I are very happy with our new Don Young windows. Many of our neighbors have told me that our new windows make our house look so much better. I am glad to have gotten rid of those old- fashioned windows we used to have."
- Meredith Johnson, Homeowner, Ardmore

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