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What is Argon Gas?

Not all vinyl windows are the same. An improvement that can be made to the thermal performance of insulating glazing units in any window is to reduce the conductance of the air space between the layers. Originally, the space was sealed containing surrounding air or flushed with dry nitrogen just prior to sealing. In a sealed insulating glass unit, air currents between the two panes of glazing carry heat to the top of the unit and settle into cold pools at the bottom. Filling the space with a less conductive, more viscous, or slow-moving gas minimizes the convection currents within the space, conduction through the gas is reduced, and the overall transfer of heat between the inside and outside is reduced. We use argon gas fills, for measurable improvement in thermal performance. Argon is inexpensive, nontoxic, non-reactive, clear, and odorless. The optimal spacing for an argon-filled unit is the same as for air, about 9/16 inch (11-13 mm).

From the Greek word argos (inactive)
Atomic Number: 18
Atomic Mass: 39.948
Thermal Conductance: 47.87% LOWER than air
Density: 38.01% MORE DENSE than air
Viscosity: 22.16%MORE VISCOUS than air


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