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What is Energy Star®?

Energy Star
Choosing a window can be challenging – there are a wide range of styles, brands, and options to choose from. ENERGY STAR makes it easy to narrow down the choices related to keeping your home comfortable. By choosing an ENERGY STAR qualified window, you won’t have to research the impact of all your window choices on your heating and cooling bills. Simply look at the ENERGY STAR climate region map, and verify on the label that Don Young Company has qualified the window for your region. The ENERGY STAR criteria have optimized the choices for different climate patterns in the country, and you can be assured an ENERGY STAR qualified DYC window meets or exceeds the building code in your state.

The two characteristics that you can look for are U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). U-factor is a measure of heat transfer through the window between your home and the outdoors; a lower U-factor means you will lose less heat through the window in cooler months. DYC reduces the U-factor through a combination of the glass and framing materials. Windows with multiple panes reduce the amount of heat transferred across the glass, different types of inert gases can be inserted between the panes to reduce heat transfer even further, and some framing materials reduce heat transfer better than others.

SHGC is a measure of how much heat builds up inside as a result of sunlight coming through the window; a lower SHGC means your home will stay cooler even when the sun is strong. DYC reduces SHGC by applying a microscopic layer of metallic coating on the Low E glass that filters selected parts of the spectrum, including UV and infrared rays, from penetrating the window. The result is visible light still comes through, allowing the home to be bright without allowing excess heat buildup. Another key benefit of DYC Low E is that it blocks most of the harmful sunlight that fades fabrics.

The Don Young Company tests their products with an accredited laboratory and provides the results, certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council, on an NFRC window label. The lab tests provide the specific results for each window. ENERGY STAR helps you determine which combination of test results is best for your location.

South/Central Climate Region { ≤0.35 U-factor; ≤ 0.30 SHGC}
Southern Climate Region { 0.60 U-factor; ≤ 0.27 SHGC}

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