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What is a Sloped Sill?

Sloped Sill
Not all aluminum windows are the same. The sill is the bottom width of the frame of any window. The two most common types of sill designs are known as “pocket sill” and “sloped sill”. The distinction between these types of sills is very important. Unlike a pocket sill that looks and acts like a gutter with downspouts, a sloped sill is specifically designed to flush dirt and debris every time it rains. In addition, our sloped sills do not require weep holes that pocket or gutter sills need to drain water. A problem with pocket or gutter sills is that they can fill over time with dirt and debris that can lead to clogged draining holes (weeps). Anyone who has ever cleaned out gutters or watched helplessly as their gutter spilled over because of clogged downspouts understands why we prefer sloped sills in our windows. Sloped sills, much like your driveway in a downpour, use gravity to quickly send water away from the inside of your home – and out of the sill of our window.

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