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What is Thermally Broken Aluminum?

Thermally Broken Aluminum
Not all aluminum windows are the same. Our engineered design features a high-density, catalyzed 2-part polyurethane seam that bonds together and completely segregates the inside metal from the outside metal. The result is a permanent thermal barrier that effectively fights energy transfer (conductance) inside to outside and outside to inside. This design is typically specified in large commercial structures such as high-rise buildings where strength, durability, and thermal performance are of critical importance. DYC manufactures only completely thermally broken windows, as our entire components – sash, head, jambs and sills – feature the urethane barrier in direct alignment. The benefits of thermally broken aluminum windows include warmer winters, cooler summers, and a more comfortable living environment. To demonstrate the effect of our design, this unedited photograph was taken at room temperature after several minutes with the thermally broken DYC sill extrusion sitting directly upon dry ice.

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