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What is Weather-Stripping?

Weather Stripping
Not all aluminum windows are the same. “Weather stripping” is a product that is used to help seal an opening. We like to think of it as a gasket. Found on all types of products in many different industries, weather stripping in windows is generally either “bulb seal” rubber, sponge, or “wool-pile” types. Our window sash, shown upside-down above, features double wool-pile type weather strips for the ultimate in protection against the elements. DYC uses the patented ALLERGUARD® weather stripping that inhibits mold, dust, fungi, pollen, and bacteria with its antimicrobial agent Microban® to provide continuous antimicrobial protection and improved air quality for the life of your windows. The wool pile has excellent rebound or memory, to ensure that with every opening of the window, the re-setting of the gasket remains tight. In each strip, between the brush-like piles, there are back-to-back stiff plastic “fins” that help fight water, noise, and dust penetration. Lesser windows may feature this type of weather stripping, but typically they include only one row, or lack the depth and overall dimensions of the component we choose. This unedited photograph also reveals the wide thermal break, our hollow extrusion chamber, and serrations along the glazing channel.

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